How We Got Started

RCASA started in 1986 as the Fredericksburg Area Rape Crisis Center – FARCC. It was started by four women who received a grant through HOTLINE to provide services to rape victims. They then split to form FARCC as a standalone agency. FARCC started with one employee, one intern and volunteers. In 1988, FARCC was restructured to become The Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault to serve sexual assault and the entire of planning district 16.​

We Offer a Range of Services

From these early efforts, RCASA has evolved to provide extensive counseling, education, and professional training. We are constantly expanding our programs and stretching our reach in the community, and we are amazed at how much our small agency has continued to grow.

24-hour hotline phone support and crisis services

Victim Advocacy for medical care and legal needsParent

EducationCounseling Services – a full range of counseling services – crisis, specialized trauma treatment

Community Services - presentations, education, outreach, prevention, and training

RCASA is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 agency

​All Services are Free and Confidential

At RCASA, we are dedicated to caring and helping people recover from sexual violence and abuse. We provide a safe, healing environment so survivors can express feelings, be understood and have access to a range of supportive and therapeutic services. We provide services for victims of sexual assault and their family, friends and partners in the form of hospital and court accompaniment, hotline, counseling, and prevention services. We take a holistic approach of working with the entire family. Beyond individual treatment, we have group therapy sessions for children, teens, men, women, and families of survivors

If you are in crisis,


Local 540.371.1666


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One in five women on college compuses has been sexually assaulted.  Only 12 percent of those cases are reported.  It's on us to stop sexual assault, to get in the way before it happens, to get a friend home safe, and to not blame the victim.  It's on us to look out for each other, to no look the other way.  It's on us to stand up, to step in, to take responsibility.  It's on us.  All of us.  To stop sexual assault.  Join us and take the pledge.

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