Comments in Memory of Grace:

(May 16, 2015) Anonymous said:
It's been a month and I'm still in shock as are so many. I've known Grace for a long time and still cannot fathom why anyone would do such a thing to anyone, let alone the woman who inspired me every day for the past six years. She made me proud to stand up for what I believe in and not afraid to say what I think no matter how unpopular. Once I can find the funds, I will be donating to make sure that her work lives on. I am so grateful for the years we spent as friends and so grateful for her voice.

(May 11, 2015) Anonymous said:
Grace I am so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for your strength, compassion and efforts to make this place a better world for women. I truly hope you are in a better place and at peace.

(May 9, 2015) Anonymous said:
I never knew Grace very well, but she went to my school, and graduated at the end of my first year there. She was a beautiful, kind girl, and I know she meant so much to everyone who knew her. RIP Grace, you deserve the very best. x

(May 9, 2015) Lindsay C said:
I never knew her, but I heard about her from Tumblr. From what I had read through research, Grace seemed like a wonderful person who fought for equality and I feel that as fellow feminists, we should not let her death be in vain. We must continue our fight, to remove the shackles of inequality and strive to create a society in which all are equal.

(May 9, 2015) Brynn said:
I never knew Grace, but hearing about her death was so tragic. She was a fighter, and a bright young woman. You will e missed dearly, Grace

(May 8, 2015) Allison said:
I live in Australia and while I didn't know Grace personally, I heard about her death from a Mann family friend when I was in the middle of a fundraiser for an anti-violence against women charity. I donated the funds raised in Grace's memory.

(May 8, 2015) Anonymous said:
She had such a beautiful smile, she was very kind, very lovely and always happy to be having the best time she could be. We played soccer together briefly but I remember her well with all her energy and passion for life and smiling. Even though I didn't play for very long she left her imprint of her character in my memory because it was so bright and loving.

(May 8, 2015) Helen warren said:
I had the pleasure of attending Burke with grace and taking a year of AP Art with her, everyone on here is mentioning her infectious kindness, this was no different in my experiences with her. Her energy was truly electric, it carried throughout a room. She was a senior whilst I was a sophomore and her kindness to me as someone older was deeply valued by me as an underclass men. She spent afternoons painting Alzheimer’s patients that she volunteered with and she recited stories about each patients past that she captured within the work. Grace saw what needed to be helped, and selflessly gave it. She was genuine and perseverant. She lit up when she talked about her family and truly radiated joy when talking about her volunteer work. Although we didn't talk much following high school I will never forget her sense of purpose and joy. She will be dearly missed and kindly remembered

(May 8, 2015) Erin said:
I did not know Grace. I graduated from Mary Washington years ago and today am the mother of a daughter. I walked those campus paths as Grace did, as my daughter may someday. Grace shines strong in her photos and glows bright in the comments and actions she has inspired. A beautiful champion for women in life and beyond. May you rest in peace sweet Grace in knowing your voice is heard still, is heard louder, is deafening now and will not be drowned out. You have lifted the hearts and minds of so many women that are shouting for you and will continue to. May your family find what comfort they can in knowing you live on in those you have inspired. My thoughts and love to the family for their loss of such an amazing light.

(Apr 26, 2015) Jessie said:
I didn't know Grace personally but she has become one of my greatest inspirations over the past couple of weeks. As a lesbian and a woman with a supportive family, I have been living my life quietly, going through the motions and making sure every one likes me. Beautiful Grace, with her infectious and vivacious personality has ignited a spark within me. She has inspired me to create a better world for others and I'm going to start by volunteering at the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Let Grace live through you and whenever you see an injustice being done, stand up and live LOUDLY!

(Apr 26, 2015) Avery Gifford said:
Grace and I did not get to see each other a lot, but when we did, she brought a smile to my face. She was my remodel and big sister from another mister. She was the only flower blooming in a field of dying roses. I loved her to the moon and back and always will! I love you Grace Rebecca Mann! Please live on through me. 


(Apr 26, 2015) Avery Gifford said:
Grace and I did not get to see each other a lot, but when we did, she brought a smile to my face. She was my remodel and big sister from another mister. She was the only flower blooming in a field of dying roses. I loved her to the moon and back and always will! I love you Grace Rebecca Mann! Please live on through me. 

(Apr 21, 2015) Alexandra H said:
To share my former message: 

While I didn't know Grace well, I'll always remember how friendly and energetic she was. I remember last year I was baking a cake and, though not knowing me at all, she came to help and we spent the whole evening talking. Grace was so passionate that, despite spending little time with her, I was still constantly seeing and hearing her activism on campus. She was a tireless advocate for the empowerment of women and for the environment, and really against any injustice she saw. She had so much life that her loss is especially shocking, and is a tragedy for me and the UMW community that she was such a strong part of. RIP Grace and my deepest sympathies to her family and close friends.


(Apr 21, 2015) Anonymous said:
I've known Grace since our freshmen year at Mary Washington. It is an honor to call her a classmate, a peer, an inspiration and a friend. We had long talks in my room last year about class, about life, about love. I remember so vividly when she would knock on my door wanting to talk about the latest guy or girl she had a crush on. We studied together, and even after we didn't have classes or a residence hall to keep us close, Grace always went out of her way to stop and talk to me on campus, wherever we were, and ask me how I was doing. I saw her and talked to her just last Thursday. This still seems unreal and I will never forget Grace's warm embrace, infectious smile and passion for life and the causes she believed in. She truly was a memorable person, to those who met her in passing, considered her their friend and everyone in between. I truly believe that Grace would have done great things with her life and for the community, country and the world. (And it saddens me that she was unable to vote for Hilary and see her win office, because I know how much that meant to her). I know that I will never have the pleasure of seeing her randomly on campus and having her brighten up my day again, but while she is gone, she will never be forgotten. I hope her parents know that Grace was an incredible woman, an amazing friend and a fantastic human being. I hope you can take some solace in knowing how much she was and will always be loved. May she rest in power.

(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
I met Grace as a freshman and watched her blossom into a leader of the feminist club before I graduated. Very few people have the drive and passion for activism that she did, and even fewer at only 20 years old. If you only knew Grace for an hour you knew she loved her family, her dog, her friends and partner, and her work. It is not only a loss to the communities Grace was part of, but those she would help in the future. May her parents find some comfort in how loved and admired their daughter was and will continue to be. My thoughts are with them.


(Apr 20, 2015) UMW Mom said:
My daughter looked up to Grace, admired her and learned from her. Grace will continue to be an inspiration to her. My heart aches for you, Grace's family members and friends. Please know that a mother in Pennsylvania is praying that you will find peace.

(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
For all things most important to Grace- justice, righteousness, equality and love

(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
In memory of all of the love and enthusiasm that Grace gave to so many. May her many efforts and memory help inspire change.

(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
I'm a member of the UMW Class of 2009. I was involved in many of the same groups as Grace. It is apparent from Facebook updates from Feminists United and PRISM that she was a wonderful part of the community. Her work will not go unfinished.

(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
Beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate and strong are the few of many words that describe who you were Grace. You fought for everything you believed in and stood up for those who couldn't stand up for themselves. 

"She was an amazing, genuine person who believed in equality and fought for it! Her family has asked for donations to be made to RCASA which is very fitting because of all the work she did to better the UMW community regarding sexual assault, among other things."