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Each year, nearly 3,000 school-aged children, teachers, parents and professionals, participate in RCASA’s prevention and education training programs. These programs are evidence-informed and designed with long-term impacts in mind. Programs can be customized to meet the needs of diverse communities and audiences.

For Students

It is never too early to educate children and young adults about the effects their words and actions have on others and what they should do if someone hurts them, a sibling, or a friend. RCASA prevention programs are age-appropriate, interactive, and geared toward educating students to recognize warning signs of unhealthy relationships while empowering them to make positive choices. Topics covered generally include positive relationships, healthy boundaries, consent, and effective bystander intervention techniques.

A Classroom Lecture

For Parents & Caregivers

In an online and digital world, more individuals are engaging in social media and online communications. RCASA offers extensive training on cyber-related sexual violence, maximizing safety in social media, practicing consent within cyber dynamics of relationships, and understanding resources available to survivors of cyber-related sexual violence.

Mother and Daughter

For Teachers & Coaches

For professionals that have frequent contact with students and youth, RCASA offers a training program that covers topics such as what it means to be mandated reporter, how to respond when a student or youth discloses sexual abuse, and how to refer students to RCASA for support when they have been impacted by sexual violence.

Football Coach

For the Community

RCASA provides trauma response and advocacy training on college campuses, along with training for law enforcement, medical and educational professionals, and churches and civic clubs. These presentations include information on the impact of sexual violence in Planning District 16, powerful messages on how to prevent it, and the services RCASA offers to those who have been impacted already.

Group Lecture
For Students
For Teachers
For Parents & Caregivers
For The Community

Additional Training

Looking for something a little different? RCASA partners with other community-based programs to help spread the word about how to prevent sexual violence in our community and to offer training to organizations and businesses throughout Planning District 16. If you would like RCASA to provide a training or educational program to your group, please complete a request form here:




Questions?  Please contact our Community Services Specialist.

Additonal Training
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