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There are many organizations that provide support and information to survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. Below are additional resources for those seeking support outside of RCASA’s services, or educational information.

(800) 656-HOPE

RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline - They're available 24 hours, everyday.

(540) 373-9372

Empowerhouse provides free domestic violence resources to survivors and their children.

(866) 620-2889

Equipping and mobilizing Central Virginia  with the tools to end human trafficking.

(800) 838-8238

The Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance is Virginia's leading voice on sexual and intimate partner violence.

(540) 891-3026

Providing an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination at GCC.

(540 )288-5245

Rappahnnock Regional Jail  has ZERO TOLERANCE for all forms of sexual abuse and harassment against inmates.

(540) 907-4555

FAHASS provides the community with the most current information about HIV and risk reduction.

(540) 654-5656

Taking a stand against sexual & gender based violence at  UMW.

(804) 333-6000

NNRJ's PREA program is meant to deter the sexual assault of prisoners.

online resources

Online & In Your Hands

The resources listed below are PDF downloads you can print and disperse at your school, office, church, and civic groups. 

Spread the word. Change the culture. End sexual violence.

PDF resources
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